Good Friday Meet - Herne Hill

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    OK, What's the deal with this? Anyone been to one before?

    Is it a take-food and booze, sit and watch racing thing? Space enough to lock our bikes?

    And finally... who's going down, and do you like the idea of meeting up for the day or afterwards?

  • Yeah, great fun. Has become sort of a yearly spriritual event / pilgrimage - winter's over, the track season's upon us and a chance to meet up and talk bike shit with London's various bikie clans - commuters, roadies, track racers, messengers etc are all there.
    Lots of places to lock up, tons of bike porn to check out (much of it fixed, naturally), food, booze and a bike jumble. Almost nirvana ;)

    Will be stewarding on the gate for a bit and getting rude 'n boozy afterwards. If you people are meeting up on the day post details on here and I'll look you up.


  • i went last year but only caught the last race, def want to see more this year...

  • Are tickets available on the day? I've totally blown any chance of doing the postal thing in time.

    Unless mickster wants to sneak us in for a bribe the value of a ticket ;)

  • Heh-heh ;) no need though, you'll be fine to get in on the day. Fingers crossed for good weather...
    See y'all there.


  • I would be coming, but I'm going fixed gear touring for four days with my girlfriend. Good friday is the downs link - bridalpath fixed gear touring. Fuck yeah

  • I hope to be there, missed the last two years for riding Easter Arrows to York, tall bald git I'll be riding one of the bikes pictured on the other thread.

    I was on the track gate with Winston about three years ago :)

  • I'm racing, but have no idea what I'm up against

  • jos - in at the deep end, huh? Good on you bud. What races you entered in?


  • 20k scratch, devil takes the..., and the points race. It's not really the deep end though, more of a rejuvination

  • that'll be both you and Sean Yates then ;)

  • Jos da Boss!!!

  • Fuck yeah, Fuck Bradley Wiggins, We wanna see Sean Yates. What a vedette, what a legend

  • Yo Jos I got your tshirt that you gave me cash for back in the day, whisper me where to send it.

  • Fun stuff... motor pacers return to Herne Hill for the Good Friday Meet:­icle/mps/UAN/1917/v/1/sp/

  • Although he is in the picture, no Bruno ' count dracule' Walrave on the list unfortunatelly.

  • Hmm.. this could be cool.
    I could even take the girly along although she's not up for riding there yet.

  • it's not far for me, I should go.

    except everyone I know is buggering off for the weekend..

  • You have no excuse then, see you there.

  • maybe, hangover permitting (or none at all!) hope to have the banana built by then.

    they have a bike jumble too?

    because there's always something I need.

  • never been before, do you need tickets or anything as a spectator?

  • Tickets are £12 for adults, £6 for kids, and there's a £30 family saver thing (2 adults plus one or more children).

    Available on the door according to mickster above who's working there on the day.

    Lots of places to lock bikes apparently, so I'll be riding down from Kew Bridge if you're this neck of the woods.

    I have no idea on catering, I'm going to bring a flask of pasta and a little vodka and water :)

  • There's usually quite a bit of food available in the paddock thing, but normally it's rubbish and/or over-priced. However, there are loads of shops on Half-Moon Lane, which is 2 mins away by bike, and a really nice budget French caff called Cafe Prov, and the normal hang-out post race (messenger style) is the Half Moon pub.

  • OK, roll call, who's going down there this Friday? The weather looks like it will be glorious.

    If anyone is going, happy to whisper my mobile to you so we can meet up on the day.I'll be there for most of the day I suspect, though not too early as I'm going to be right royally slaughtered on Thursday night.

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Good Friday Meet - Herne Hill

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