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  • I thought I’d say hello, is I’ve spent far too long reading though this site over lockdown not to.


  • Hi all, similar to others, long time reader and decided to to take the plunge and join!

  • Hello everyone, I am a new member.

  • Hi there - I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but I've managed to 'hide' the "Classifieds>Complete bikes and frames & forks" thread, meaning I can no longer navigate to it from the home/classifieds levels (without typing the URL direct) and the notifications I'd set up don't email me either. Does anyone know how to fix this? I had a Google but no luck. Thank you in advance!!

  • Hello guys, I’m new here.. I would like to publish something but I don’t know where to write.. :/
    I know I’m not the only one looking for it but I still precist of there is anyone selling an cinelli cyanotype size 54/56 (?)
    If anyone knows something give me a pm please 🙏🏻
    Have a nice day and stay safe

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  • Hi new fella here .
    I've been living in E London for a couple of years riding for commuting and sheet pleasure
    I ride a bit of old nag but she brings me exhilarating moments every day.


  • Nuts
    One post in

  • things can only get better :)


  • riding for commuting and sheet pleasure
    I ride a bit of old nag but she brings me exhilarating moments every day.

    Filth, utter filth!



    Welcome! You'll fit right in, errr ...

  • That's what concerns me

  • Well, now you can't say you weren't warned. :)

  • Greeting all from rainy Wales just thought I’d say hi I’m new so please be gentle 🤣🤣

  • Thanks @PhilDAS seems a nice bunch in here so far 🙃

  • Hey guys, I am a new member so I thought I'd stop here and say hi before I start reading some of the super interesting threads you have in LFGSS. I am based in London and I started cycling during the first lockdown and now I try to go as much as I can :)



  • hey all, i'm expecting to move to london by the new year. as i pare down everything i own for the move i'm trying to learn as much as i can about gov/regulatory shit, housing and neighborhoods, and which bike i should bring.
    hope to meet some of ya eventually.

  • Hello everyone

  • Now then!

    I lurk round here a bit - some great tech/mechanics info and threads - so thought I'd say hello and start contributing.

    I currently only satisfy the "L" in "LFGSS", but it looks like you lot don't mind the odd derailleur and freehub body...

    Got a handful of bikes dotted around Europe (I know, get me), including a Donhou; a Condor Italia RC; and a Gios.

  • Hello, and watch out or you'll find yourself quoted in the golf club thread...

  • Oh it’s not as fancy as it sounds! I’m just saving squeezing one into the boot every time I visit family.

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