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  • My Main ride..1986.... 531 pro ....Campag..

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  • wall art....

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  • Awesome. Put the chain on the big chainring and the small rear cog for the wall hanger. And a bit more seatpost.

    The lo pro is awesome. Just the elbow pads and it’s done?

    Black tyres only!

  • wall Hanger ...done...:)

    yeh need a plastic arm rest...searching !!

    tyres Will be changed ......shiite in the wet ...gatorskins :)

    next project ......ps not my garden :)

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  • Good to see plenty on the go. Have a look for the current projects thread. Everyone posts their latest updates in there. Good to see some ideas and things sometimes

  • Can we take a moment to appreciate that hanger lmfao where did you get a sexy-girl-legs-wall-mounted-bike-hanger-­display or do I just google that looool

  • Hello everybody! Dang from the Netherlands
    Marketeer, martial arts and heart for oldschool bikes.
    Owns a Dutch Van Tuyl VT730 and love to restore vintage road bikes.
    Looking forward to this forum!

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  • Hi lfgss
    My names Bryan from Glasgow this is my bike not much but dose the job

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  • Welcome,
    Checkout the Glasgow section if you havent already


  • Thanks will do

  • Hello!
    Been lingering around here but now I've just brought two SS bikes, a Quella Evo (Purple) and a PX Holdsworth (orange), I'm definitely going to need to be part of this forum!

  • Baader-Meinhoff

  • Hello Everyone! It is a pleasure to join this community.

  • Baader-Meinhoff

    I'm not sure what you want to tell hippy about your Hoff, but if you meant to refer to the notorious 70s German terror outfit, the spelling of the second name is "Meinhof".

  • The more scientifically accepted name nowadays is “frequency illusion”.

    NB: Not of the terror outfit.

  • Hi all, back here after a break, this one keeps me from buying some modern offering....bought as a frame here around 6 years earlier. Been ace

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  • Hi, long time lurker here, after a few years of reading this forums its finaly time to say hello!
    I commute with a boring 2016 pompino v4 in blue, built it myself with help of this forums.

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  • Hi everyone, my name is Antoine from Belgium. I build and customize bicycles and motorcycles. I recently build a mini cargo bike with an old GT polomar, maybe you have seen it on the franken bike gallery.

    ps: sorry for my bad english.

  • Cool! Share some pictures

  • Your English is fine.
    You might even know some of our other Belgian contributors.

  • Thank you for the welcoming!

    I just made a thread about the bike


  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Harry, I'm from Yorkshire. I love taking my bike out, going running and going to the gym to stay fit. I'm a longtime lurker and today I took the plunge to sign up and say hello.

  • Hello Harry

    Why not go and make a snappy username in your profile and then get stuck in!

  • Hi guys, anyone have rudy project krono helmet for sale?

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  • Hey all,
    I am Oriol, 30. I am a long time cyclist though I am not finding many opportunities to cycle beyond commutes.
    Do you guys organize routes regularly? If so, I am in!

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