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  • Hello! Surrey based geared rider here looking to dip my toe in the world of single speed....

  • Hello, USA based rider/cyclist. Bmx, single speed, road, mtb.

  • I'm Jack, from the states but living in japan and been checking out the forum for a while. Surly pacer built up like old school sport tourer with dt shifters and 8 speed, and singlespeeded univega touring bike for getting groceries and stuff.

  • New to this forum, seems really active and good though. I'm bringing a 1996 Colnago Dream Art Decor back to period spec, and I have a Wilier Cento Uno superlegara di2. Actually on that note my rear derailleur has stated to play up on the 7970 di2 Gruppo. Both red lights on the junction box flash shortly after attempting a shift sometimes it shifts, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it shifts all by itself.

  • Hello everyone, I am new here, Looking into building a bicycle business and meet enthusiastic people! Cheers from the UK!!! Fixie for ever!!!

  • I welcome myself to here. Welcome.

  • Hello people, signed up today although I've used the site for a while. Just about to start building a fixed gear, mostly for when I move to Manchester in September.

  • Hi everyone, Mabel 31 yo from France, long time lurker...
    Riding Caad8 as daily for few years and have a OG color Parallax planned ! (sorry for my english...)

  • I used to be on here some years ago but that email is long gone, I wasn't very active anyway.
    Hope to get some quality advice when I get round to the x number of builds planned.
    There is a whole heap of knowledge on here.
    I'm on a Giant Defy and an ever evolving SS P3(?) from 09

    *edit. I asked a dumb question, worked it out.

  • Do I have to get an email verification code every time I log in??

  • Im Ross from the UK. Been browsing the site for a little while now ... just thought id say hello!

  • Hello Ross

  • Morning!

    Have seen LFGSS results in google searches for a few years. Time to join in..

    I have a few classic bikes and one new Felt Z5 Carbon.

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  • Hi there ! I'm French bike polo player, cyclotourer, sketcher, ex-fixie rider, bike lover from the north of France. I found in love with this forum so i'm here to share and learn more about it.

  • Hi guys, please let me introduce myself. My names Paul and I work for BETD Components who own Middleburn and also the Goldtec brand. I was pointed to your site by another forum member and I'm not here to advertise or whatever, just to help any members who have any queries about our products that were made years ago and if we can help then that's all good. Cheers.

  • Welcome @Porky

    Thank you for the additional information on the stainless steel Goldtec hub I purchased on eBay.

    @Velocio -Is there a company directory thread where you could reference BETD Components (Middleburn & Goldtec)

  • Works for me.

    And I like Middleburn, advertise away :)

  • Hello everybody! My name is Ricardo, I'm from Portugal. I'm 28yo and I enjoy cycling since I since I discovered this passion for the classic bicycles. About this forum, I hope I can learn with you and exchange experiences of rides, travels, life, whatsoever :)

  • Hello All, Mark from Manchester UK
    Ex-Royal Naval Artificer (Fleet Air Arm) now a Civilian Engineer working in the Aviation Industry.
    Currently own 10 Steel bikes.
    Brian Rourke, Sirrius, Rob Telfor etc
    Tired bikes brought back to life to ride:)

  • Hi Mark,
    Post some pictures of those bikes!

    Some things to consider:
    Don't post your bike in Bike Porn
    Do read the rules before selling in classifieds
    Don't listen to anything @dancing james says

    :) Stick around

  • Trust everything @PhilDAS says.

  • My Sirrius, I have nearly finished it ..just needs TT rests ..Anyone ??

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