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  • Hi guys,

    Please share this around as much as possible I had my bike stolen from Highbury fields area at 21:00 13-5-2016!

    A dirty little grey tracksuit wearing cunt rode away like the wind before I could even realise what was going on!

    This bike is very distinctive and must be found ASAP

    Please contact if found or seen!!



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  • Hello, long time lurker here. Finally pulled the trigger and join this fantastic forum. Some knows me as Robert Lee

  • Hi, lurked around on here for a loooong time, now picked up a nasty yellow condor 'something' that will be turned into a SS commuter, just need to work out what the hell it is!

  • Hello, long time lurker, thought I should say hello here finally :)

    Riding an old Boardman Comp SC around London

    See you around!

    (Full disclosure I'm peeking on the classifieds section and it probably looks better if I've at least posted one thing :) )

  • Hello,

    I get the suggestion to ask in this community.

    I'm from Germany and searching for a general sold out frameset - the Genesis Equilibrium Disc 2015 frameset in size 56cm (seat tube c-t and effective top tube c-c) in grey orange.

    I saw the frame some days ago and thought "this is the perfect bike for my needs".

    Genesis has a lot of dealers in the UK, so maybe somewhere the frameset is still available. I already found size 54 in the Netherlands.

    Do anyone of You know where I could ask for the frameset/see it in a store?

    Thank You very much!


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  • Hi everybody, new to LFGSS, just introducing myself!

  • Welcome, all!

  • Hi LFGSS,

    Just wanted to say Hello and introduce myself. I'm Chris, 27, and live in Bournemouth (so although not in London very often, still an admirer of the forum and keen to get advice for various things as and when!)

    Anyway, I hope you guys will have me. Add a pic of my current set up. Nothing overly special, but it's my first attempt at something not made out of second hand or borrowed parts :)

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  • Hello everyone!
    I ride a bike in Lisbon, Portugal. My name is Miguel aka Mike, I dig collecting vinyl (I love to buy records from the flea market to sample), I dig tapes and graffiti books (I dig a lot the Pichação Brazilian scene, something that has a lot to with the punk scene). I like to make music, I’ve done already 2 e.p.’s and I am now into a more serious project. In general, I’m into street culture.
    About my bike: I bought this frame last year, I already had a fixed gear bike since 2011, but I’ve never had a track frame. Last year I’ve decided to spend some money in a used track frame, because I dig old school stuff and I bought a few more components to have the bike that I always wanted. I bought this used frame, so that I won’t have to wait much longer to build one at Masil (local frame builder) and, besides the wheels, it was me who build the whole bike.

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  • Hey guys, long time lurker. I'll be moving up London sometime, anytime in the (hopefully near) future so planning on building up a nice fixed gear with a Brother frame to get around on!

  • hi all, haven't been on here for so long I thought i'd better start again so... I like riding bikes but can't stand cyclists, have I come to the right place? I like riding through red lights without wearing a helmet and I have no lights on my bike. I have a converted peugeot with carbonlite 103 tubing, bmx stem with risers, a slack chain, single speed front break only and my seatpost slammed all the way down to the lowest possible positioning. see you in hell/old kent road xx

  • hi all, haven't been on here for so long I thought i'd better start again so

    Hi Rob!
    Long time no see indeed!
    Would be good to bump into you at some forum social ride, haven't been in one myself for ages... Do they even still exist or is everybody racing these days?

  • Hello,

    I'am a Belgian/Flemish guy coming often to South-East England to cycle and walk. As I am particularly interested in cycling in London, I signed up for this forum, hoping to share experiences and find ideas.

    Normally I bring my own bike with me, but recently wondered if it wouldn't be easier to hire a bike. So I'am liking fot opinions and experiences with the Boris bikes: do they drive smoothly? are they heavy? do the gears work properly? etc.

    Thank you for all answers!

  • Hello, name is Dan, I'm from Romania and just like most of you here, I'm into bikes. Made a habit on building a bike each year ( i'm at my 3rd ), which i kept selling, until the current one.

    Decided to start a small business from spring 2017 by building fixed/ssp bikes. What brought me here? The amount of information, experience of the users and there's bikes!


  • welcome all

  • Hello Welcome to the community. I am new here as well and hope to learn new things.

  • Hello all,
    I'm Tom, Haven't lived in London since I was in my teens! I have been lurking for a few years though and am about to start a new project I could do with some help on, so thought it was time to sign up.
    Currently living in North Wales so mountain biking is a big time waster of mine as well as any other form of 2 wheel fun.
    my current fixed gear:

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  • Hey all! Just started riding my first fixie, having a whale of a time with it but damn am I out of shape.

    I live in Brighton and work in London, if you see me riding around say hi (I'm 6'4" on an equally massive bike, I won't be hard to spot).

  • Am an ex-forces pti now a mental health nurse , ironically with combat PTSD. I use my triathlon & ultra running to help keep things in check. I discovered I had PTSD after a bad RTA on my TT bike . Its taken some time and some rebuilding but not just me but the bike is now back up and running, in fact I decided to shred it of all unnecessary and run it as a single speed. Am currently based up north but considering a move down (my mrs lives in London). Pic shows my first attempt at a single speed build. Hope to out on it more around London as well as around Wigan / Liverpool / Manchester.

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  • Hi,
    I've been lurking here for a while but now I finally need to concede to asking for some help, thought I'd register.
    I've been riding on and off for about 28 years.
    I have a recently built fixed gear, a modern single-speed and a very old but lovely custom made Brian Rourke classic road bike.

  • New here. Peace to all and hello.
    Wondering how to write a wanted thread in classified. Reason I registered here.
    I will find solutions hopefully how to.

  • Hello Everyone,
    I have just finished to build this bike, I don't know if this is the right place where to post it. Please let me know if I should delete it and post it somewhere else.
    The bike is a brand new Aventòn Cordoba fixed gear.
    Size 55;
    Deda handlebar, stem, carbon fork and carbon spacers;
    Sugino Pista Crankset 46t;
    Blb Sprocket 18t, pedals,straps and front brake lever;
    Selle Italia SL saddle.
    Collection only. I'm happy to meet anywhere in Central London.
    For any questions or more pictures: mpalfieri.marco@gmail.com

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  • What's up everyone? I'm an American living in Germany. Been riding fixed gears for 12 years. Been lurking on here for quite a while and thought I'd join in

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