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  • Hello fellow cyclists,

    Ciaran here from Belfast. Been browsing this forum for a while now and its about time I signed up.

    Been riding fixed for roughly 3 years now after my interest was picked up in London, when a messenger shouted "Lights you prick cunt" as he flew past me on Oxford street. I liked his bike and choice of swear words. So I came home and purchased a Subrosa Lethum FGFS, trashed the life out of it for 2 1/2 years and eventually saved up and bought myself a 2015 Cinelli Parallax.

    Hopefully see a few Belfast-ians about, normally take part in the night rides with Fellow Bike Shop once a month, but have neglected the saddle recently due to work and other commitments.

  • Been riding fixed for roughly 3 years now after my interest was picked up in London, when a messenger shouted "Lights you prick cunt" as he flew past me on Oxford street.


  • Hi all,

    Long time voyeur but thought it's high time I started contributing.

    I have never really committed to the fixed thing, but I do ride a SS rigid 29er. I've also attached a pic of my current fast bike, though it is modern and does have gears.


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  • Hi all
    About time I signed up (Worth it for the memes alone).
    Started a new build and thought it polite to say hello before I start buying people's parts and dragging the chat down. Hello.
    Best forum about.

  • hello to everybody.
    long time follower..great forum!

  • Hi Everybody,

    I am Dirk from Nijmegen. the last 5 years i visited this forum very frequently so it was time i signed up. I am a vintage bike collector and have more then 100 vintage road & track bikes. I really like the conversations on this forum and hope that i can contribute some knowledge, pictures or parts if people are searching something specific!

  • Welcome, all!

  • Cheers guys,
    I've been a loooong time lurker, so I thought it would be nice to sign up. I hope I will contribute in some way :) . BTW I'm an artist, illustrator and graphic designer from Zagreb, Croatia and I enjoy riding track and road bikes. Best forum ever, I love it.

  • Hello,

    I've been riding on my old steel fixed gear for a couple of years, but had to jump deeper into fixed gears, which is why I bought a real track bike.. After that purchase I just had to know more about fixed gears, or just bikes in general, so that's my main purpose on this site, knowledge!

    I'm from Denmark btw, and I really like riding fixed gears, headphones, and photography!

    Best Regards

  • Welcome, I'm in Belfast too.

    Have you met the 27Fixed guys yet? (in Bangor)

  • Welcome giovannismrt and Laux!

  • Hi all!!!

    I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Barry a 32 year old cycling enthusiast living in London. I’ve recently started taking my love of building bicycles seriously and am looking to start an online venture selling British built bicycles to the UK and beyond (hopefully). Statistics show that 97% of the bicycles sold in the UK are imported models. I want to change this statistic. I’m in contact with a number of master craftsmen in the UK who are building bespoke bicycles with passion and enthusiasm for their brand. I’m on a quest to introduce UK consumers to their fine products.

    However, I need your help. I’m conducting market research for this venture and would really like to get feedback from like-minded enthusiasts around the country.

    If you will permit me I’d like to post a market research survey on these forums. In reward for their participation in the survey every participant is given the opportunity to enter a competition to win a Fitbit Surge fitness watch.

    Please do let me know if posting such a survey would be acceptable.

    Best wishes,

  • Hi.
    Been lurking here a while but now opened an account. I love all things bike as we all do. Couldn't give a Shit about trek, strava or vo2 max but I've an unhealthy penchant for American steel. A garage full of Salsa, Tonic, Cove and Kona.
    Ride & Smile.


  • hello guys, just wanted to officially say hello!

    thx again for the tips on the planet x london road, i got the frame for 129.9£ the blue one
    soo happy!
    steel is real, but expensive, so alu will have to suffice

  • Been a member for sometime not sure if I said hello. This is my first attempt thanks to you guys. Next attempt is an airborne blackbird


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  • Hi all, I'd like to introduce myself.

    My name is Greig and I love bikes (all types to be honest, geared, fixed and motorbikes).
    I like road and crit racing when I'm fit but its hard to find the time these days.

    I started my own cycling accessories business (NUT-R®) which is the main reason for my current lack of fitness...lol. NUT-R® launched last month with a Camera Mount that attaches Action Cameras (e.g. GoPro's) to a bicycle's wheel axle. For more info please see http://www.nut-r.co.uk

    I can regularly be seen in Richmond Park, Surrey and commuting between Clapham and Chiswick.

    Stay safe, cheers!

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  • I've been a reader for years now and finally got myself an account! I started with a modified steel roady in 2008 and since that I stick with those track bikes. since 2010 I'm a bike courier. So for me the best thing happened was the fixie-hype back in the days!

  • Same here. Never logged in... but thought it was about time.
    You people are the best. Thanks
    Keep it up

  • Heading to London from NYC for work from the 12th-24th of May.

    Just finished working Red Hook Crit Brooklyn here.

    Former messenger still riding fixed. Bringing the bike with me to ride the streets of London.


    Hoping to hit up some good shops and see the city by fixed while I am there. Pubs are on the list and decent food at good prices - they arent giving me a very big food budget.

    Any rides that are on deck for the 2 weekends I am there I will look to join if possible.

  • Heya just an introduction. I'm Orla, i'm an off roady type girl who also enjoys the road as long as i'm going quickly. I like things with engines to, my parameters are mostly just it has to be on two wheels, but i'm running two single speeds at the moment. and for a while i've been a huge fan of the one gear thing. I'd love to chat/meet new folks/ride with people. Over the top amounts of bike snaps all end up on my insta @motordyke so feel free to check that out. I look forward to my foray into this corner of the internet.

  • Hi guys,

    Please share this around as much as possible I had my bike stolen from Highbury fields area at 21:00 13-5-2016!

    A dirty little grey tracksuit wearing cunt rode away like the wind before I could even realise what was going on!

    This bike is very distinctive and must be found ASAP

    Please contact if found or seen!!



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  • Hello, long time lurker here. Finally pulled the trigger and join this fantastic forum. Some knows me as Robert Lee

  • Hi, lurked around on here for a loooong time, now picked up a nasty yellow condor 'something' that will be turned into a SS commuter, just need to work out what the hell it is!

  • Hello, long time lurker, thought I should say hello here finally :)

    Riding an old Boardman Comp SC around London

    See you around!

    (Full disclosure I'm peeking on the classifieds section and it probably looks better if I've at least posted one thing :) )

  • Hello,

    I get the suggestion to ask in this community.

    I'm from Germany and searching for a general sold out frameset - the Genesis Equilibrium Disc 2015 frameset in size 56cm (seat tube c-t and effective top tube c-c) in grey orange.

    I saw the frame some days ago and thought "this is the perfect bike for my needs".

    Genesis has a lot of dealers in the UK, so maybe somewhere the frameset is still available. I already found size 54 in the Netherlands.

    Do anyone of You know where I could ask for the frameset/see it in a store?

    Thank You very much!


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