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  • ^ this now makes me thing of a soft cuddly bear like Ted

  • I want a big merican hug, poor ChainBreaker might have some competition.

  • I do not know Chainbreaker, though maybe I could experience and evaluate their hugging technique. If it is of adequate performance maybe we could join to form a formidable team. Conversely, if the hug in question is poorly executed then I could offer tutoring. Generally people struggle to encompass me fully, such is my girth.

  • Fnar.

  • hi guys!
    i'm alessandro from italy and i love everything that is mounted on columbus tubes. bye.

  • Hello LFGSS; I'm Michael, I cycle through SE occasionally. You might see me on this yellow "Cinelli"; don't forget to say hey!

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  • You're O'shane's brother AICMFP.

  • Hi guys,

    Just wanted to say hello.

    New to all this but have found the community really helpful already.


  • hi guys,

    I'm vivian from Paris, France, just passing by saying hello :)
    Been riding for two years now on a track bike and hope to keep doing that for a while!
    I'm a big fan of vintage bikes and love sneaking through the Internet to find some nice rare piece of gears, ,now looking for that old c'dale crit.


  • Evening all...

    A long-time lurker and first-time poster, I am currently suffering from baby-induced insomnia (first one and four months old) and from a realisation that I should have made a first post some time ago.

    I don't technically fg/ss in London, as I commute on a modded, three-speed, snot-green Raleigh Stowaway. But I do ss at the weekend, at home in Cambridgeshire, when time and child allows.

    Great advice and banter on here. See you on the (potholed) tarmac in the smoke!


  • You're O'shane's brother AICMFP.
    I prefer the term "doppelganger" :)

  • Helloo!

  • Hey everyone,

    Name is Will/Bill.
    Male. 24. from West Sussex, venture into London all the time for work.

    Lurked the forums for a while now. Started by reading the Rat/Frankenbike thread backwards. Took me about a week.
    Ive recently converted a old Dawes frame i was given into a single-speed. Enjoying the forum so far. =D

  • Hello all,

    been lurking for a couple of weeks, like the atmosphere here, especially the photography threads. Was on the C+ board when it started, but I'm limiting my online presence here until I get a pompino - when I will probably bore everyone with questions about it.

    Living in Southall, so it's just London, and hoping to get out on a ride with the Wests.

  • easy everyone. i'm gonna be moving to london to study at uni in september, i currently ride bmx and have done for years but i'm looking to build up a ratty/beater commuter to take me to uni and back every day and to cruise around london on.
    i'm on the standard student budget so i'm interested to see what i manage to build up with the help of this forum!

  • Hey, I wanted to say hi, recommended by cyclesurgery to come here.

  • A shout-out from a 24-year old girl from Helsinki, Finland. I like to ride both gears and fixed. I'll hopefully get to glimpse the London scene live this autumn, as my sister is moving there to study and I'll be visiting.

  • Welcome Eevi, if you make to london do try and come on a forum ride or to a compass beers.

  • Hi Folks

    Just joined to check out FS/wanted ads, to tart up my rides.
    Pearson Touche commuting monster
    PX SL Road Bike
    Coppi Torino Winter trainer
    Orange P7 retro XC MTB
    Van Homan BMX

    Peace out

  • Re joined the forum under a different name, bored with my old username so hopefully get back up and running and back at beers soon!

  • Joined today, looking to join forum rides and learn a thing or two from other folks...


  • hai all - sometime lurker turned poster here.

    I'm a Londoner but not technically a fg/ss rider at the mo', just a gear loving roadie. There's a rusty project underway to remedy this and I'm hoping your advice & constructive abuse may help to finish it off, cos I'm in need of some motivation.

    Looking fwd to meeting the fine folks here, both of them, and the rest of you lot ;-)

  • Hi all, joining initially to sell some stuff but looking forward to getting involved in the forum!

  • HiGeneral lover of nice bikes, must have come from my dad dragging me out as a kid to watch him race on a Sunday morning !!
    Looking for advice and also a new tasty singlespeed

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