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  • greetings everyone ....

  • What's up ya limey gits, greetings from NYC. Glad to see ya gettin on the band wagon. Wish I was back in the dirty old town right now.

  • Nah Im London born, bred and proud. My m8s christened me that cos there were 4 Andys in our group and it just kinda stuck.

    Thinkin of popping to Condor on saturday for an new SS ride, any recommendations for frames/kit?

  • Hey all, long time lurker at BF - fixed commuter here in london - see you at herne hill on good friday!

  • Hey admin n' all, this is a great idea good luck

  • hey guys, dylan from nyc(i'm a female just so u know), been to london, cold and wet, i loved it, plan on going back so now that i'm here, hopefully u guys will show me around this time as opposed to me walking around like and ass lost and wet

  • Hey everyone! Nice one DK!


  • hello!

  • mickster:Hey everyone! Nice one DK! mickster [www.badbean.com](http://www.badbean.comĀ­/blog)

    Just looked at your blog, is this you?

    What the hell happened? And are you doing alright now? On the bike again?

  • ouch!!!

  • Hello. London based but on holiday in Toronto at the moment. Loads of cyclists here!

  • Result of some herbert touching wheels at the front of a dbl paceline at HH last year. About 12 riders went down - came round in the middle of what felt like a 12 man game of twister, with bikes and without fit girls ;) My elbow felt a bit sore...
    Had the last of a bunch of ops a coupla weeks ago. Now all set to rock n' roll again!


  • Hi all!

    Saw the ad on MT and thought i'd pop by. Great idea for a forum etc. hope it blossoms!

  • Hi, another tootin based rider, but possibly the only one on here without a fixed gear bike. (Hurry up Condor build my bike!) been into mtb's for a couple of years mostly on a ss, riding fixed seems like a natural proggession

  • Hello Fixed People,

    Mad props (is that the correct vernacular?) to DK for getting things rolling.

    Another C+er (scarlettp), and 63xc regular. Central London-based (Finsbury (not Park)).

  • hi. london born and bred, new yorker for ten years now. just popping in to say hello

  • ten years!

    must be good then?

  • It's the American girls ;)

    Well, the ones with passports in blue states.

  • that's it, I'm going to the states.

    just need to work this summer out, then a big visit US style.
    NYC then LA then SF

  • Sounds like a plan RPM.
    I'm doing LA then SF then NYC in 2 weeks! :-P

  • hey everyone,
    i read c+ and saw this mentioned, its very impressive already, loads of threads. well done!

  • Hello.

    Nice site and a perfect way to waste time.

  • Hey, just found this place, seems nang, think I might cotch a bit :) <--- please accept my apols for the idiotic lingo, I work with adolescents...

    I divide my time between Bow and a narrowboat on the Regents canal, currently moored at King's Cross. I ride a Chas Roberts track bike, do say hi if you see me barrelling through town. I ride up Highgate West Hill EVERY DAY, which I think makes me officially H-A-R-D-C-O-R-E (Ha-Ha-Ha-Hardcore Uproar)

    Other bikes: a Pinarello geared road bike and an SE Racing Floval Flyer 24" BMX, singlespeed, sporting Skyway Tuffs.

    Want a pointlesss laugh (at not with, most prolly)? Check my website: http://uncletechno.blogspot.com

  • Signed up at the weekend, just got around to posting.

    The highgate hill thursdays look good - hope to see you there soon.

    .....and kick yo' asses

    .........or get mine kicked

  • Hi everybody!

    Just recovered from a broken collar bone and fractured skull from practising skids, which rendered me a completely useless photographer. I am now re-thinking my no helmet policy.

    Fixed: Modified Langster which gets tweaked every time I get paid.
    Single Speed: My Grandad's old Raleigh Merlin. Tis a beautiful ride.


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