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  • London FgSs, hopefully a cool little place on the web for us to get together when we're on-line, to work out how to get together when we're off-line for rides, social stuff and shenanigans.

    Say hi, and dive in.

  • Of course, the advantage in signing up at this point is the low user Id that you can lord over others in a years' time if the site takes off ;)

    Welcome damnham :)

  • hey, good plan - hope this place turns into a success

  • Me too... the Chicago, San Francisco and New York ones are all pretty cool. But they're about rides, local shops, social stuff... same with Bike Forums but without the local stuff.

    If enough people come over today (I've emailed/PM'd about 30 people) then we'd have enough to kick off some rides and drinking over Easter weekend ;)

  • Hi David,
    nice idea, looking forward to some of those shenanigans you mentioned :-)

  • I've added a Members page just while we attempt to grow enough to function... I know no-one wants to be the first to sign-up to an empty site, so hopefully seeing familiar faces from Bike Forums and a couple of other places will help some people sign-up and take part.

  • Hello all. well done on the site. The weather is so nice! I can look out of the open fire door on our office to the sun. It temps me so!

  • Hi everyone!

  • Lo all! Lets hope this weather continues eh?

  • Yeah, bet it won't though.

    Straight Edge in London? Are you from state-side originally then?

    Trying to recall what my Chi-town mates say... "If you're not straight edge now, you never were.". Something like that anyway.

  • Hello there, another C+ fixer here!!!!!!!!

  • When can we start fighting between fixed and SS?

  • Oh, whenever you want :) Benefits to both.

    The big fight is always the helmet wearing one ;)

  • Hey thanks for inviting me to this! :)

    I'm not in London, but I really enjoy going. I'll be back over there soon I hope.

  • Great biking scenes:

    Don't forget http://www.fastermustache.org, in Atlanta. That is actually where I found out about London FG/SS (though a post linking to Moving Target... the web is incestuous like that).

  • Hi everyone
    Easter in London means only one thing :)

    Good Friday, Herne Hill Track meeting, if I can arrange a babysitter I'll cycle there if not I might just have to bring them with me.

  • Fixedwheelnut:Good Friday, Herne Hill Track meeting, if I can arrange a babysitter I'll cycle there if not I might just have to bring them with me.

    Now this I can get into.

    Found the details here: http://www.goodfridaymeeting.org.uk/

    Welcome, btw.

  • Hi all -- yet another C+ inhabitant arrives. I look forward to banter and the odd ride.

    Advantages to both, yeah -- but fixed has more of the advantages!

  • Hello everyone! Great idea velocity boy, thanks for starting this up

  • hippy has arrivethedededed!
    Check out a similar idea from my homeland: fixed.org.au

  • hi there, another fellow rider of the fixed gear!

  • hello..oi lucky7.. inspirational name.

  • afternoon chaps.

  • raaass!
    used to live in Tootin' myself, just opposite Broadway tube.
    How's things in that neck of the woods?

  • same as ever!

    wouldn't change it.

    well, apart from the pathetic traffic and lack of decent pubs :0

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