• Would love to go but will need to do the induction thinggy. If that disqualifies me from the list please delete me or tell me to do so.

    The accreditation process is 4-part and is detailed here: http://www.visitleevalley.org.uk/en/cont­ent/cms/london2012/velo-park/track/#trac­kprices

    It's public, and you can sign up and do each part as you need.

    We could reserve a segment of our 3 hour window for this, but we wouldn't get everyone through and it would shorten the time for racing.

    We're paying £325 for the 3 hour velodrome session, so the best thing we can do is cram in an event schedule and give everyone a few races each on the velodrome (at minimum).

    Which means the best thing for all involved is that individuals put themselves through the accreditation process prior to the event, and we dedicate the event to racing and events.


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