• Excited much?

    Saturday 19th July 2014, 9am-Noon

    At this place:

    There will be fees involved which are yet to be determined.

    Tickets are on sale via the LFGSS CC shop: http://shop.lfgss.cc/

    There will also be a cap on those who can participate, as we want to ensure everyone gets a decent go on the track and if we invite too many people to ride it will just frustrate everyone. For information: 20 people maximum on the track at the same time.

    If we are able to get people through public induction sessions prior to this session we will be able to have more races and events.

    Feel free to start a list, but know that there will definitely be prices to be announced, I have few details today other than a confirmation of the slot.

    NOTICE: I'm looking for someone to basically organise the finer details of this, such as the race schedule, prizes. Let me know if you can do this.


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