• Well I can explain as science was my favourite subject in school for more reasons than just the teacher was fit.

    An experiment is designed to provide a 'proof' between competing models or hypotheses.

    *if this is an 'experiment' what is your hypothesis and what have you proven, whats your control?

    Full disclosure I failed GCSE science after a dispute with my bitch science teacher over which paper I should sit even tho mock results proved the hypothesis that I was on it.

    Out of respect for science I no showed rather than take a GCSE for dummies test.

    ^^ get a room you two

    Unlucky, I got three As at GCSE science :P

    Hypothesis: That a large majority of people who see a potential bike theft will not get involved.

    I have proven that this is the case.

    I can't really imagine a way in which you could have a control on this test tbh, except standing there and not sawing anything.


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