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  • There is a user registered on Retrobike forum called lm1065, if you would go on to his posts,­php?st=0&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&author_id=21­674&start=70

    you would see that stuff he says about HIMSELF is mostly something like: '' I agree pete matthews has a great reputation''
    I was a bit shocked actually, how a grown man could act like this.
    How daft you have to be ? (facepalm)

    Also i was told by senior riders that he states himself as best wheel builder in the WORLD(yeah sure) and bunch of other jokes about him.

    I believe this is not a case of split personality but pure narcissism.

    Chances are it's his son posting - pretty sure he looks after his twitter account / web site etc, but yup, it doesn't look good either way...

    He does lace together a decent wheel and like you, I hear he isn't too modest about it :) That said, I also hear he's a font of knowledge and always up for a conversation.


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