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  • Hurrah indeed!

    Thanks for all the positive comments everyone, but at this point it's still all the builder's work really. Give me some time though!

    I think as Optimate said the original floor wasn't concrete, more some kind of victorian mixture of stones and mud or something, but it definitely made it Friztlesque. The plastic below was there to function as a damp proof membrane to avoid the sort of problems Optimate mentioned. Hopefully. No drains anyway.

    It also (possibly because this used to be a coal cellar) was raised in the middle and sloped down to either end (lengthwise).

    So this was the next step - some concrete to level it out:

    Followed by some latex self-levelling compound - more on that later.

    The other important thing the builders did was put some mesh behind our original 'daisy grate' air grill at the front of the cellar, as being cast iron part of it had broken off at some point over the years, and a lot of the crap in the coal shute was actually from litter and leaves coming through the gap over the years.

    They also put a little triangular 'step' made from cement in front of it so water running along the pavement doesn't go down, which is what it used to do. This might not have helped my Colnago, which had been in the cellar over the previous winter - it picked up a few rust spots on the Precisa forks:

    Although that may also have had something to do with the fact I went for a ride on it with fussballclub the previous winter when it was wet and icy, then put it straight in the cellar and left it there.

    I need to give those forks some more attention :/

    The final thing the builders did was fit the scaffolding planks I'd bought as shelves - these are eight feet long each and there are four, so that's 32ft of shelving, but much needed to store all of my crap!

    They're supported by batons at the ends. The good thing about scaffolding planks is that they'll take the weight of a man so they didn't need supporting in the middle, even with heavy stuff on the shelves.


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