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  • "Myth: Police don’t enforce ASLs.

    Not true. The Cycle Task Force and our colleagues across the MPS regularly report and warn drivers for contravening this law and are supporting Transport for London’s ASL campaign. .

    A spokesperson told me that in the past three years City Police issued 12 fixed penalties to motorists for entering ASZs unlawfully.

    Yet in the same period it handed out just over 6,000 fixed penalties to cyclists for jumping red lights.­ike-blog/2011/aug/24/safety-red-lights-c­yclists

    The Met does not separately record the numbers of motorists infringing ASZs, but does record the number of fixed penalties it hands out each year for red light offences as a whole.

    Since 2008 it has issued about 3,000 fixed penalties annually at the roadside to motorists for these offences. In the same period the number of fixed penalties for cyclists for red light offences has gone up from around 1,000 in 2008, to 1,700 in 2009, to over 3,000 in 2010.

    So the figures for cyclists and motorists are now roughly equal. The Met says that this is "a result of police attempting to make cycling safer in London"


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