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  • From a trainee:

    “Before I took the cycle training I used to ride my bike only off roads and very occasionally. I thought it was way too dangerous to ride a bike in central London and my road cycling confidence was really low, therefore whenever I was in the city I used only a public transport or walked. It never even crossed my mind to take cycle training until one day a friend of mine strongly recommended it to me. At first, I thought that its a little bit lame - I knew how to cycle, my coordination on the bike was really good and, through recently passed driving license, I knew the traffic rules well; thus I didn't think that this training was really for me or that I could learn a good deal from it. I couldn't be more wrong.

    First of all, my trainer wasn't some kind of arrogant macho type, but the sweetest ever lady with a great knowledge worth of admiring. She has picked up on my technique mistakes and proved me wrong - by winning a short distance 'race' (about 10m). I have never started from the fifth gear again! Her experience mixed with a great sense of humor made the whole training more like a fun.

    Secondly, I really liked the way my training was organised; first part with technical and methodical advices while slowly cycling on the parking site; then moving to back roads stopping every 5-10min to explain the rules as well as correct and incorrect behavior of road users; then moving to main streets to practice everything I've learn on the day. We've finished with a short summary of the day.

    Finally, I greatly appreciated the fact that I could take my cycling lesson on Saturday afternoon. Also it took less than a week from booking until the day of the training.. It is over two years now since I had my training and since then I've been riding to work at least 2-3 times a week. I've even kept on riding throughout the whole winter last year! I'm using less of public transport now and I'm so much more aware while on the road, cycling, driving or even walking. And this is all thanks to you guys. Cycle training gave me the necessary confidence and knowledge to face the streets of London on by bike. I have been (and will be) recommending this training to everyone I know who doesn't cycle. Sometimes you might think this training is not for you, but this one can change your life - and it certainly change a great deal in my one. Thank you so much...”


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