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  • It might not be the best advice for solely all out sprinters, but it is still very relevent to many track cyclists.
    The ultimate goal is to improve your ability to get oxygen and energy to the muscles and sustain that optimum for longer periods of time.

    My work outs have gone to lower weights but higher reps with a concentration on core and emphasis on all leg and involved muscles. Gym twice a week and a spinning on the track once a week to maintain cardio.
    This changes in 12 weeks with the weights going up but the number of sessions going down as I continue to focus on building my cardio at the start of the year.

    Sounds abit counter intuitive I know but I trained hard all last winter and plateaued fairly early in the year, hopefully this schedule will help me avoid that this time round.

    that all sounds mostly wrong

    the key is to not use bad form, and to not pig out for days after your heavy sessions(like me), limit the calories to prevent mass gain

    if youre not fatigued you might as well be doing a weekly sowing class, at least with that you'll learn good technique for repair tubs


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