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  • Couldn't possibly comment on any specific startups, but from an investors perspective really it isn't far from downright gambling, and statistically speaking a noticeable return on your money could easily be 10-20 years away, if at all, unless of course you're lucky enough to invest a large chunk of money in a company that goes skyrocketing in no time... It happens.

    However, fact is that millions of pounds are lost are lost on startups on a daily basis, mainly by people who can afford it, but smalltime investors lose their money too. Duly noted some win, but the winners are few and far between.

    In my opinion, compared to your typical investment bank, Seedrs maintain a relatively strong screening process before validating you as a potential investor. By all means invest in people, invest in ideas you believe in, but if you're looking for a relatively low risk short term return on your money, startups most definitely isn't for you.

    Just saying...

    all true, but the SEIS mechanism minimises stake risk >­mcowie/100021654/where-high-earners-can-­still-get-98pc-tax-relief-and-guaranteed­-gains/


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