• Haven't updated this in a while as the frame was taking forever to arrive.

    I did get knobbly tyres (Conti RaceKings), bars (I got the XLC Trekking bars in but didn't like them so went with a Funn riser from CRC. Only available in white but only a tenner so I got them and wrapped them in leccy tape), brakes (LX cantis) and cables (pink Clarks kit).

    Frame finally came in today - delays only partially sellers fault, MyHermes are useless cunts by the way - but there was a problem,

    Frame was exceedingly well packaged and there was bits of flaky paint on the damaged area so I'm confident this has happened while the frame has been in the care (pah!) of the useless cunts at MyHermes.

    Seller is being decent and giving me a partial refund. 10 minutes or so with a hammer and various other implements got it looking good and the headset I'm using (FSA Pig) has steel cups so I just whacked that in and all seems to be fine.

    Spent the rest of the afternoon finishing it off and…

    Cantis clear the 2.2 Race Kins with ease. The rear ones sit quite far apart due to the 38mm wide rim so I used a straddle cable and hanger on it instead of the Shimano link wire.

    Rode it round to the shops and it feels like a monster truck! Probably because the biggest tyre I've ridden in the last 5 years + would be about 32c.


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