• I can't figure out, did you get the disc version of the hubs? If so def. go for discs!

    very nice frame btw. I own a 1x1 aswell, love it to bits:)

    Ah sorry, no I got the non disc ones. There's no disc tabs on the frame or forks.
    Looking forward to the 1x1, it's been yonks since I had any kind of mtb.

    Looks nice man! Will those wheels not be more susceptible to punctures from those big holes? or something...

    Only if the rim tape can't hold the tube back from bulging through the holes.

    It seems a lot of fat bikes are running similarly drilled rims but there I think low tyre pressures are the norm.

    I think I can run 2 rim tapes on each wheel so might do that.


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