• Hi all,

    so last year I bought this piece of shit fixie skidder on ebay for next to nothing, because I saw potential. It's a RIH super made in Vienna (not the dutch builder)

    I always wanted a nice steel track frame drilled front and back for singlespeeding purpose. In fact the original fork wasn't drilled, that's why the previous owner installed the road fork you see below, however the original fork was ready to be drilled.

    How I got it:

    Original forks drilled and installed + a couple of new parts fitted I rode it around like this for a couple of months:

    It was nice but the paint was in really bad condition and the rust needed some treatment. The headset was knackered, the cranks were shit Miche ones and the brake cable routing zip tied to the top tube was pretty ugly.

    So I decided to rebuild the whol thing, get internal cable routing brazed and a new paint job.
    Off to Krautscheid Junior (Krabo) Bochum it went:

    I wasn't really bothered what paint to get (shocker), so I asked him what he had in stock, he said Ferrari red. Okay why not:

    New headset (Tange NJS) and BB fitted

    The parts:

    SG 75
    Paul Levers
    Sram calipers
    pearl stem
    VO Milan bars
    brooks tape
    izumi chain
    WI freewheel
    pedals are going to be some simple MKS platforms
    maybe a wald front rack which I have lying around
    wheels are the same (Mavic open pro, phil wood hubs)

    I still need a seat post bolt and the I'll assemble it all:)

    And still looking on decal options, might get some simple vinyl plots


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