• The Wild West Beginners' Tournament 2013: Westway 2013/10/12

    Westway Sports Centre - 1 Crowthorne Rd London W10 6RP
    1 court
    1 day
    Beginners only! This means if you have played for around 1 year or less then you are in! We can obviously make exceptions for people who may have played a few months or so more but be sensible!

    Register your teams/interest here and on-the-day-registration is fine as well.
    Some people may not have teams but thats fine, just rock up on the day and we will be able to put you on a team

    Loaner bikes and mallets available courtesy of www.bikeminded.org and The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

    depending on the number of teams but we hope to play 4 or 5 swiss rounds, followed by a double elimination bracket, meaning that you are guaranteed at least 6 or 7 games

    for more info get in touch at ben@lhbpa.org


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