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  • That is not our target market.

    We may pivot in the future towards that, but for the meantime we are focused on the consumer space rather than the business space.

    Yammer do what you want reasonably well, as does Google Groups + Calendar + Email.

    The SME space is good, but it would fundamentally change our business model.

    We'd need to hire a sales team with knowledge of enterprise sales, to do away with the affiliate scheme model and the concept of the brand/merchant dashboard. We'd need to re-focus our business around a SaaS play with utility and usage based pricing.

    This may be something that we consider if we struggle in the consumer space, but we believe that the consumer space is not only a bigger win, but also has the real chance to change the lives of a lot of people in a way that we care about.

    So we wouldn't seek to introduce Microcosm as an internal tool any time soon. Companies could use it that we, but we won't derail ourselves chasing it.


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