• I had this piece of information about Colnago Mexico’s kindly sent to me, dose anyone know if this is 100% correct?

    The original Mexico was launched in 1975 and used tubing without crimping – it was supposed to be a bit lighter than standard SL and at least one catalogue claimed use of Record tubing.
    The visible difference between 1974–79 Mexico and 1974–79 Super is that the Mexico has chainstays that are not crimped at all (round-oval-round).
    NOTE!! the author makes no mention of the crimps in the top & down tubes????? (strange)

    The Nuovo Mexico was I think introduced around 1980.

    Basically the Merckx Colnago Mexico’s (1974–1979) had round superlight main tubes, Nuovo Mexico’s (1980–1985) crimped top and down tubes,
    ESA Mexico’s (1986–1988) had 6 ribs on main tubes,
    Zoetemelk Mexico SR/CRs (1985–1986) had a crimped top tube with a 4 rib down tube. Master with 4 ribs,
    Tecnos with 5 ribs,
    Conic with 8 ribs,
    Regal (ESA Mexico w/Arabesque lugs) with 6 ribs.

    NOW this is what I have always thought??
    All the Mexico’s I have seen including the one I own have 2 crimps in the top tube & 2 in the down tube, and the chainstays have a single crimp on the inside.
    The Nuovo Mexico I own has 2 crimps in the Top Tube & 4 in the Down Tube, & NONE on the inside of the chainstays.
    The Nouvo Mexico then evolved into the MEXICO ESA (again I have one), which was the forerunner of the master. It has exactly the same shape of tubing as the master but with 6 crimps in the Top, Seat & Down tubes, where as the Master has 4.

    I would be very interested in your thoughts & comments, AND can anyone for 100% certainty say what if any of the above is correct?