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  • just sit back and....

    Nah. I'd dictate the basic mission, structure and design, it would be done end-to-end in a very short time, and ride roughshod over the opinions of others.

    I've already stated pretty much what it would be like... minimal, for all definitions of the word.

    It would simply be there, for people to choose to use, to allow access to greater resources (facilities) and to be a springboard for those who get a taste and will progress to other clubs.

    It's an understated grass-roots thing, a banner to give people the means to do things that they might not otherwise have done, very easy to join, very little investment required.

    All systems, operations, merchandise, etc will be the bare minimum.

    People won't get a say in that.

    What people will get a say in, and absolute control of, is how they choose to use it. As in, "this is what it is" will be done, and "this is what you can do" is something you all get to answer however you want.

    I'd rather people focus less on the club, and more on riding, events, doing stuff.

    And that stuff is for people to self-organise as it is today, the only difference is that you'd have a BC affiliated club name to use should that make a difference to the event needs.


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