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  • If you want to start a club.. start a club.

    But the argument that you 'need' to do this just so we can use the Velodrome is a clear false convergence.

    From the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority website­ent/cms/london2012/after-the-games/

    The Authority is working closely with other groups to ensure that as many people as possible get to enjoy its London 2012 venues over the coming decades

    This “open to all” philosophy will carry through to the activities available at Lee Valley VeloPark and Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, which will offer a range of programmes aimed at diverse community groups, ages and all kinds of athletes, from grassroots to elite.

    We qualify for all of the above in spades.. Justify your idea to replace the forum with a 'club' on its own merits (which only seem to be having a nice looking kit)

    p.s: You probably should decide what to call your 'club' before designing kit.


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