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  • I think this has the potential to open more doors to LFGSS people than to create problems. I'd encourage it.

    I think Cycling Time Trials affiliation is only £20 which would allow people entry into time trial events. BC affiliation is probably more expensive - how would it be paid for?

    Who would be the club officials - secretary etc?

    The fees look dead cheap unless I'm missing something. A few set price fees for affiliation, and that's it.

    As for club officials, I'm going for the most decentralised and disorganised thing out there... I'd only seek a couple of volunteers to ensure that we were above board and at least barely functioning.

    Club jerseys would be sold, but those would be kept very reasonable, I'd hope that if my estimation that the costs are low is right that the club could be fully funded just from a few simple jerseys and the caps.

    The club really would have few ambitions, we'd open the door to get people participating in events and using facilities, but we'd only act as a springboard and anyone looking for more I'd be encouraging to join a club that would really support them.


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