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  • I sent an email to the people at the Stratford Velodrome enquiring about club sessions, in the hope that next year we can run some LFGSS track days in the indoor velodrome.

    Haven't heard back yet, but the enquiry form specifically asked about which club this was for, how many club members, etc, etc.

    And so the question is raised: Should LFGSS be registered as a cycle club with British Cycling?

    I have no intention of competing with the role of other clubs, if LFGSS has a club at all then it would merely be to offer people a banner to ride under when participating in events, and to offer groups a banner to use to access facilities such as the velodrome.

    I would still strongly encourage anyone wanting to race to join a club that will support them: VCL, London Dynamo, etc.

    But... if you really just want to dip your toes in, try things out, and like the thought of LFGSS running a club to help and assist bringing people into sport, a real grass roots thing to simply promote cycling and give people the opportunity to sample various events under a banner that really doesn't imply or suggest anything else than "Fuck it, this will be a laugh"... then maybe there is space in the world for an LFGSS cycle club.

    And if we have LFGSS track days at the velodrome, or anything that resembles a club ride, it should be noted that none of our events would be exclusive (anyone from any club can join in), and I'd regard membership of the forum to be enough to just take part. We'd remain a hub and umbrella, I'm not seeking division, just access to facilities.

    The question is: If we do it, is there interest in it?

    And there's been talk of a club strip. But I'm very much in favour of showing that we aren't serious, of being under-stated, and of proudly communicating that we're independent and free of sponsors. A plain black strip, with no adornments or complex design, and a simple LFGSS logo in small sized on the left chest area. Just a jersey, bring any black shorts you already own.

    So, who would want to be a member of such a club?


    We're going to do it. It will be a CASC non-profit club, affiliated with British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials. It is aimed at over-18s only, so that there is no bureaucratic burden on event organisers and volunteers.

    The club will be called "LFGSS" or "LFGSS CC", and we will produce club kit at an affordable price. The club itself will be free or very cheap to be a member of (pending detailed economic projections to see if we can afford to make it free).

    We started a list, to determine roughly how many people are interested in the club, the info on the list is here:­#post3794620


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