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  • Ah ha, I cam here to chat about Google+ communities.

    I was playing around on it last night and a couple of things stood out for me that would be possible and great on microcosm, as I currently understand it.

    The first is the ease of discoverability of forums. If, as it surely will, microcosm becomes the defacto home of forums, then it should be able to offer search and browse of microcosms, by name but also by metadata of which there would be an abundance that could be derived from the content of those forums.

    The second is something that I presume will be a feature of microcosm, the ability to have private, join on request type forums, like chifg etc. Although I don't particularly like them, I think that they do have a useful niche for me, ahem, esoteric material. (web censorship pun intended).

    In a related but side note, the G+ app on Android is becoming really really beautiful and nice to use. The commmunities bit of it would tempt me away from a full browser for some of the more simple threads that we find on LFGSS. The same can definitely not be said, for tapatalk or similar. This is really a call to developers, unless you feel that an in house moble dev is woth having at some point.

    Writing the above paragraph reminds me of another advantage of the native mobile app: first class and rich notifcations on mobile devices, paticularly on Android's more sophisticated incarnation. Yes, a neutered version of this can be done with email, but it could be a lot more. Can web apps push notifications to a mobile device, possibly through a Microcosm listener app?



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