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  • Easy to use, there's not many buttons to mess with.
    Plugging it into your computer, it just detects it as a drive.

    Quality is ok, you can make out plates and faces.
    I used it for snowboarding and watched it vs. a go pro and got sad as it's (obviously) not as good.
    The problem is mounting the thing and getting the angles right. I got the sports pack but broke the mount too easily. Haven't fiddled around with it much, I forgot about it to be honest. Might take it out tomorrow...

    Maybe this might help ?

    They're ok. Not amazing. But you'd probably get a number plate off it. This is representative:

    It pretty much only has one button. You just have to remember which colour LED means it's on/ready and which colour means it's recording.

    Edit: I am being very old and slow today.

    Thanks both


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