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  • Cross-over computers/ Tri watches

    I recently sold my running watch, and bike computer with a view to combine the two in one unit, or at least be able to have all the data in one place. So two separate devices that upload to the same site is also an option. Definitly want GPS tracking, and maps would be nice, but not really prioritised.

    I'm pretty invested in Ant+. As I have a load of sensors already, and dont want to swap them out, as I use them with trainerraod. So heres my wish list of what the device should be compatible with via Ant+.

    Speed/cadence sensor.
    HRM belt.

    Footpod cadence.
    HRM belt.

    Possibly swimming stuff. As I'm feeling the mid-life crisi draw to sleeveless silliness.

    Garmin 910xt.

    Bryton Cardio 60.

    Magellan Switch up.

    Timex global trainer.

    Suunito Armbit.


    Putting this here to pre-empt the hippy merge. I'll add further options, pics and specs later.


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