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  • Why do you think the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine researchers are "deluded" or "brainwashed"? Can you highlight the flaws in their work for me?

    They make a well reasoned point about younger children not being able to judge the speed of traffic and interact in the necessary manner. This is a fairly obvious phenomenon, but yeah sure. Sometimes we need academics to state the obvious in a scientific manner.

    Their work has little/nothing to do with the claims, arguments and goals of the 20limit crowd though. I do not think these researchers are deluded. They are just saying that driving faster increases risk and severity of potential collisions, which is obvious. They are not make long lists of bold and ropey claims associated with the 20 limit and calling for it to be almost everywhere. They are not calling for it to be anywhere, that is not in their professional capacity. They do research which may be taken by relevant authorities to make judgements.


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