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  • My mate works in traffic planning. He uses maths and computers and his big brain box to determine whether changing the limit (or traffic light phasing or whatever) will speed up or slow down traffic.

    As said above, the variable limits on the M25 have improved traffic flow, making a 30 limit 20 has the potential to do the same. Not everywhere, of course, which is why my mate's job exists. Councils ask him what will happen if they change the limit, he tells them, they make a decision, they don't just do what your crying lady suggests without looking at it properly.

    A 20 limit is a good idea in some places, a bad idea in others. The systems are in place to sort out which is which, so don't worry.

    Thanks for a reasonable reply. I appreciate the work of your friend properly assessing if there will be a benefit. I fear councils jumping the gun due to campaign pressures and perceived benefit due to the "cult" brainwashing.


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