• I was being a bit disingenuous. I knew really. It's just that, other groups do organise stuff you know! And Southwark haven't been part of the Dog and Bell meeting (SE London Borough Groups Rides Organisation) for a while now. We miss them, and wish they would return.

    "SELBGRO"? I prefer the South East London Commissariat for Social Cycle Rides Planning. Or simply the Dog & Bell Crew, though for some this might sound too similar to the Brew Crew. Still, our Glorious Leader Andrew Lord Fergar is an avid ESB drinker, so it's not entirely inappropriate.

    Anyways, the ride went without problems, thanks to Saoirse's expert back-marking and our small but hardy team of crack marshals. We arrived at the top of Primrose Hill with half an hour to spare, and a density of humans greater than that of midges, unlike last year.

    Other than the Barry-100 of cyclists on the ride, there were a few crusties on the hill, a guy twiddling his balls, and another playing an English Half-Long bagpipe. No sun visible, but still a fine light, and mist over the city to the south.

    A fairly large group followed me to the Island Café in Southwark for a 6am breakfast, following a route that took us through Parliament Square and over Westminster Bridge. For me and three others the Midsummer Madness ride ended with an eastwards pootle along the Thames Path to Greenwich.

    I have just risen from my pit, and am now looking forward to another 125km of cycling tomorrow, with a day ride along the Waterlink Way for the Dog & Bell Crew, and guiding the Velonotte Albertina through Saturday night and Sunday morning...


    Finally, thank you for making it such a wonderful Midsummer Madness!