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  • There we go, so a Manc accuses Scousers of living off the wages of slavery/racism. In fact Liverpool has always had a great tolerance of people from other places and has been ethnically diverse well before the rest of England. (one of the first chinese / Oldest jewish / and Caribbean communities are in liverpool)

    According to wikipedia the rivalry is because the Mancs didn't want to pay port tariffs to Liverpool port:

    I have to disagree with some of this. Unfortunately many Caribbean's experiences leading into the 80's disturbances and beyond was not one of tolerance everywhere. I'd guess a legacy of it is a reason for the city centre still looking fairly homogenous at times.
    There is a bit of divide, otherwise what does the Boundary pub signify? I thought it was a loose divide where you saw a lot less faces of colour the further north* you travel but a stronger blend south of it?

    The Chinese settlement (i.e China Town) is [strike]supposedly[/strike] the oldest in Europe.

    *mostly in impoverished areas, natch