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  • Some rides would be enhanced if people rode together.
    Here are some ideas that may help make keep a group of riders together if that is what people wish. These are not rules or instructions.
    They are discussed in detail here.

    (People can post here further etiquette points and guidelines for other types of rides such as fast group rides and competitive rides)

    Social ride guidance

    1. Agree how the ride is to be run, including riding speed, RLJ policy, with all before starting so people's expectations are managed

    2. Allocate leader and sweeper roles. Leader shares mobile phone number with all. For rural longer rides leader has everyones mobile

    3. Make new faces welcome

    4. Route planning-Often taking up a whole (bus) lane on an A road is less risky and more efficient that a twisty back road cycle route (though perhaps not as pleasant an environment). Cycle lanes are generally too narrow for group riding.

    5. Slowest riders dictate the pace so can be encouraged to ride near the front

    6. All riders to ensure they are aware of riders behind. If you lose sight of the rider(s) behind slow down or pull in to regroup. Shout out any issues to ensure riders in front slow or pull over

    7. Avoid filtering through traffic, front riders stop behind drivers at lights and move through lights in the traffic stream

    8. Consider politely preventing drivers from passing until there is room for them to clear the whole group. (Be sensible with this most drivers will appreciate the communication and hang back, if a driver is clearly irate, get everyone to move left to let them pass). Agree whether or not you plan to use 'roadie' conventions such as shouting 'car back ' or 'clear' and explain these to all

    9. When turning at T-junctions It is often better to cork them requesting drivers give up on their right of way to keep the group together

    10. Good practice for rear riders to move (right) before front riders when changing lane to claim the space and prevent anyone overtaking as the group move over


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