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  • We are using Github for bugs and issues.

    Github is where we host our open source code (for the front-end project).

    You shouldn't use Microcosm to report bugs, as what if the bug is "Microcosm doesn't let me make a comment".

    You shouldn't use LFGSS to report bugs, as Microcosm is intended for a wider audience and it may not be appropriate, plus we won't be able to assign it internally and will not be able to track the bug as we fix it.­/issues

    That is the only place where you should report a bug... though if you do reach us by another method, that is where we're going to put the bug report.

    You may need to register on Github to make a bug report, but please do so... we really appreciate bug reports as they are the bread and butter feedback that is going to enable us to build a great product (the very product that will power LFGSS).

    When you report a bug, don't assume it's self-evident. "It's broken" isn't as helpful as providing us with a URL to what it broken and describing what you were trying to do and expected to happen, but what happened instead.

    @mands on LFGSS is going to help us organise and manage our bug list. Please help her do so. If she asks for more info, please give it. She'sa volunteer and helping with bugs is definitely not a glamorous thing to do, so we really appreciate her help.




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