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  • I've had a pair of Sidi Dragons for 4-5 years now, they're still in great condition (on their second set of replacement sole-parts), and I have every confidence that they'll last at least another 5 years.

    But- they are slightly too small. Only slightly- I've been ignoring it for years, but I really should go up a size/go to the mega.

    However- before I automatically get another pair of Dragons, should I consider any other makes/models?

    Don't know if this is too late, Neil, but my understanding is that recently (year? two? dunno) Sidi have begun sourcing their foot plates from another company and they apparently are not lasting as well as the older style. Also, these are now apparently wider. So try a new pair if you like but maybe try to find an old stock pair of Dragons in your size on ebay or


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