• Hey guys, I know I dont post on here much anymore this is mainly due to the fact I cant ride a bike anymore,

    I am selling a selection of exclusive prints of my work from a variety of subject matters. I am selling these prints in order to help me to survive financially as I am going to be unable to work for a while due to surgery. some of you already know that just before christmas I began feeling a lot of pain in the top of my back which culminated in me being taken into hospital with my whole back in spasm, following this I began losing feeling and strength in my right arm and I was sent in for testing and an MRI scan revealed that I had a herniated disk in the C section (top just below my neck) of my spine which was compressing my spinal column and affecting my nervous system that controls my right arm. I have essentially completely lost the use of my tricep and have vastly reduced use of my bicep and reduced feeling in various fingers and an area of my arm. This has meant that working has been incredibly hard for the past few months, however due to the amazing people around me notably my amazing fiance Sarah and my assistant Anna I have managed to continue to work even with the reduced use of my right arm and pain. However I am having to undertake spinal surgery in order to remove the herniated disk and fuse the two adjacent vertebrae at the affected area, this is happening on the 29th of April and means that I will be unable to work in May and possibly into June. Being a freelance photographer means that in this time I will have no income whatsoever, I dont get sick pay, I dont get any financial help at all so have to fend for myself and this is not going to be easy. I have decided to sell some prints, this is not something I often do, actually to be honest I think I have maybe only ever sold around 30 prints in my whole career as I dont actively sell my images, however I have bills that need paying during May and without an income this is the only solution I can think of to help me as I think its better than begging and borrowing.

    So here is your chance to get yourself an exclusive print which I will personally sign.

    I have started a big cartel shop and have a wide selection of my photographic work as well as three photoshop creations for sale, all the prints are available in both A3 and A4 sizes and will be printed to a high standard by myself. I will be posting all of the prints off once a week every Friday.

    Thanks and please feel free to take a look at the shop, and if you can afford buy a print then it will be greatly appreciated, if you cant afford to then feel free to take a look at the images anyway



    Thank you