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    could add some extra words to this section, spot my additions:-
    "There is no obligation by school or Local Authorities to
    take up this funding and to offer training to pupils. This means that between a half to a third of
    pupils do not have access to training for a variety of reasons. Some Local Authorities do not take
    part in the scheme, many schools do not engage with the scheme even where the LA offers
    training. Parents may not allow or encourage their children to take part. There may be cultural
    and economic factors that also influence whether a pupil is allowed to take part in Bikeability.
    Having Bikeability on the Schools Curriculum would ensure a much higher uptake of training and
    help schools and parents and old white men who never cycle anywhere and run most of the road safety departments in the U.K understand how important it is for young people to develop the skills
    and confidence to cycle for the reasons outlined above."


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