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  • used to take my old German Shepherd up the park in a trailer, and I never got so much respect from passing cars before or since. She was actually in a trailer attached to a tagalong that was itself attached to a kiddy back tandem that had a child seat on the front crossbar. So I managed a dog and three kids on the same "bike". We never went very far, but we would go out on it for a laugh all the time. Going into town and parking it was a bit of a pain though.

    That sounds epic! I hope you had some decent brakes?

    Pretty tangiental... but last summer I was visiting a friend and a cyclist was couch(sofa?)surfing in the same flat. She had a proper full on polar bear hound monstrosity* in a trailer that looked like it was made of scaffolding, and was going all round europe with that.

    Im thinking of going pretty long distances - maybe 500-700 mile tours - as well as regular 50 mile rides on weekends. So lightweight is important.

    Cautionary tale: Apparently she had the trailer door open for air and said bear noticed a sausage, jumped out, with enough momentum that everything goes tits up. Keep hound enclosed!

    This is basically my biggest fear! Also raises the question of whether he gets leashed in the trailer - adding risk to injury if I crash - but sausages/squirrels are a core concern if not.


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