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  • thanks almac, any suggestion on what might be a cheap second hand but good bicycle?

    Here are a few pointers which will help with your training goals;

    1. Ride the actual bike you intend to do the event on during quality training sessions, keep the 2nd hand bike for the 'junk miles'/commuting, reducing needless wear and tear on your quality bike.The best way to ensure your ride is comfortable is to get the miles in on your event bike.

    2. Invest in a couple of good quality chains, adjusted to the same link length and replace every 500 miles, (i.e. keep re-using them); this will ultimately reduce wear and tear on your drivetrain and allow a longer life for your cassette and chainrings.

    3. Get used to eating and drinking on longer rides so you can adapt a 'fueling strategy' that will help you avoid bonking or stomach discomfort and enable you to get enough energy to supply the extreme demands of the event.

    As for the 2nd hand bike - whatever is cheap, resembles a road bike and will not need too much maintenance or money spent on it, try Decathlon for good value inexpensive new bikes. Hope this helps. : )


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