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  • This one time at my parents in cornwall, when i was about 9, a friend of my parents came to visit with a Rotweiler. The Rotweiler proceeded to harrass every cat and person, except me... until Henry our Ginger feline chap, decided to ride the Rotweiler with his claws on the dogs back all the way down a paddock next to our garden, Rotweiler yelping all the way.

    Henry The Boss

    (always got stuck trying to get through a small window that wasnt open enough for him to fit through, would then proceed to dangle and meow till someone helped him out.... this was generally when we were all sitting at the dinner table, laughing at him)

    Also, if you laid on the floor and whistled in a short high pitch and repeat over and over he would come over to you and then bite you on the nose.

    Love you Hen.


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