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  • As I didn't manage to get a place via the ballot into the Ride London 100, I have decided to ride for the charity Shelter with what seems like at the moment the impossible task of raising £750!

    I have never cycled 100miles before but did the Olympic Road Race course last year the week before the olympics took place (only one lap of Box Hill!)

    I want to post a really good time definitely under 6 hours, maybe even 5 if thats possible? I currently cycle to and from work every day 15miles per day and through London manage to average 14-15miles an hour on my single speed, including stopping at lights)

    I have a 1981 Pinarello Prestige, with 18 gears that I am thinking of riding in the Ride 100, although I don't really want to trash it by training on it. Should I be looking at an alternative bicycle for the race? I'm not convinced it's exactly the right size, as after about 60 - 70 miles on the bike my left knee is in agony, is there any where in London to cheaply getting a bicycle fitting?

    Any help and advice on the above would be greatly appreciated.

    And is anyone else doing the Ride 100?