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  • So Discourse would be "the same forum software you've always endured, with fresh plugins and hopefully less buggy and hack-prone than WordPress", the latter point by dint of being led (or at least figureheaded) by Jeff Atwood (prev of StackOverflow, CodingHorror etc)

    And one of the problems with the existing forums is that they get deployed by people into their interest (i.e. someone into flyfishing wants a community, isn't technical but follows the instructions word for word and it works), and those people are not actually skilled enough to update and support the installation... so any security issue that is present, isn't swiftly dealt with.

    The issue isn't whether Wordpress or something else contains bugs... all software does. What matters is how quickly the bug can be patched for the vast majority of users.

    That and removing a lot of the technical barriers to setting up a community is why I think the hosted model works better. And a full separation of the backend storage and frontend presentation layers means we can still keep security whilst allowing 100% customisability (for those who want to host just the front-end bit).


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