• Hello all.

    I threatened to do this a while ago when some of you expressed an interest in the off road trails around Epping Forest, so I thought I'd get the idea into the open.

    Before moving to Norfolk I lived in a couple of different areas near the forest and spent a great deal of time exploring the trails ( although I've not been there in a while ) I know at least a couple of you have been regular riders around there in the past, but there's always something new to learn.

    My plan was to visit during May for a few weeks, when I have a little work around that area. This should give me a decent amount of time to organise some rides over a two week period ( inc 2 weekends )

    I'd ideally like these rides to be of mixed gender and ability, but if more inexperienced off roaders want some easier rides ( Epping is generally beginner friendly anyway ) then I'd be happy to try and sort something out. Same goes for the forum women, should they want to do some off roading without the testosterone overdose that can often accompany this sort of thing.

    May is my most likely time to be there and I like to get stuff sorted in advance, so I'll stick up a provisional list here for anyone that fancies joining in.

    I'd prefer groups not to be too large ( probably no more than 10 max ) though I will do several rides, including weekends, skivers weekday rides and a few evening rides as well.

    As befits the forum, rides will be singlespeed friendly too. I myself will be on a fully rigid & heavy SS, so don't expect me to be going anywhere fast :-)

    I'll link this to the off road/mtb thread and the 29er thread too for some of the obvious mud lovers.

    Any questions, feel free to ask here or pm me. For now though..

    A few guidelines for the rides - The rules

    Map of meeting point and free car parking - Map link

    If anyone wants to come along, but doesn't feel their bike is suitable, there's a Bike Hire place in Loughton which can drop bikes off near the meeting point.


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