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    Please check the image link above for an explanation on what happened

    Went to Lewisham A+E, just heavy bruising on legs and road rash, not even a scratch on my helmet or upper body, paramedics were commenting on how lucky i was.

    Campagnolo jacket is ruined and trousers (Dickies held up very well protecting me) have scrape marks on them and a few tiny holes, some of you may know i run rear brake only on my ssmtb, even if i had the stopping power of quadruple disc brakes it wouldn't of made a difference, the van driver came out of Devonshire road without looking properly, i do however feel fairly certain i made eye contact with him before he pulled out.

    Thankfully a non emergency response ambulance saw exactly what happened and got witness statements from them, they were certain the van was at fault, we'll see how it turns out, i haven't really had a look at the bike, i called my father to pick it up and it's at his right now, i believe both wheels are buckled beyond repair and handlebars (weigh a tonne, downhill bars) are broken, hopefully the frame/fork is good

    we'll see how this turns out

    Shit. I absolutely hate that junction, heal soon!


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