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  • It's early days, but after waving a tape measure over the cranks, I think it'll work. I'll only have the 53t chainring, which I'm planning to swap to the inside of the crank spider

    That's not as simple as it sounds, the Campag carbon cranks use non-standard chainring bolts and you'll need to make a spacer to replace the outer ring where it's sandwiched between the inner and the back of the crank, and if I were you I'd make some washers to spread the load of the chainring bolts on the outside of the spider arms too. Aesthetically, it would be better to use a shorter BB and leave the rings where they are, just cut off the teeth and ring part of the inner and leave the tabs to do all your spacing and load spreading duties. Somebody on here did exactly that for a UltraTorque Pista conversion on some carbon cranks recently.

    Also, the outer ring is ramped, pinned and has lowered teeth, so expect frequent chain drop. For all of the above reasons, I can't help thinking that Record is not the way forward, and a 130mm pcd crank with 5 arms will provide more options, including this commuter friendly 57t chain ring with integral guard.


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