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  • OK, so it's a Brompton, and therefore deeply uncool, but bear with me...

    While riding to the train station the other day, I had something of an epiphany - I realised that (1) I ride my Brompton more often than any of my other bikes (not in terms of mileage, obviously) and (2) it was shagged. Obviously the sensible option would be to rebuild it. Rather than doing that, I've decided to build a new one. And to make it a bit special.

    Starting point - a new clear matt laquer frame:

    But I wanted a titanium seatpost, and Brompton no longer make one. Happily, a nice Dutch chap living in Thailand trading under the name Brompfication does make one. And rather nice it is too, along with the other bits he makes. All the components on the seatpost are titanium, even the clamps and bolts:

    The saddle's a Charge Knife - like a cut-down Spoon but with titanium rails, sticking to the must-have-titanium theme. Seeing as it's a long way from Thailand, it seemed worth buying a few more bits of Brompfication Bling from him, such as the bronze release clamps:

    (which are rather nicer than the Brompton ones since they're cunningly designed so that the V-clamps stay in the right position rather than spinning around in an annoying fashion) together with the aluminium roller wheels and the titanium rear frame clip kit:

    Added to this so far is a titanium rear frame and some Campag carbon Record cranks (fitted with a Centaur 115mm sealed bottom bracket). It's early days, but after waving a tape measure over the cranks, I think it'll work. I'll only have the 53t chainring, which I'm planning to swap to the inside of the crank spider.

    Next step, some wheels...


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