• Go on a ride with Dan where we stop and rest at some point.

    Ha, Ha. Has he become a rouleur?

    Neil always has some pressing engagement with his car or nan, so we have to keep moving if we want to get anywhere. I actually would like to stop and enjoy the scenery/beer more often, but I end up riding early mornings so the latter is out. Neil also chooses the stupidest times to stop (bottom of a hill in the shade, wtf?)

    I'll echo EMM's aims. I have a serious hankering to do a bunch of S24Os with friends and/or the missus. I want to do a European trip of at least one week, preferably not circular. Might do Exmouth Exodus. In the last few days I've remembered a desire to start fishing, so maybe some fishing rides.... More riding to destinations to do stuff; not just going out on another Worcestershire/Warwickshire loop (as much as I appreciate the convenience). If it's dry-ish, hire an MTB for some Welsh/Lakeland or Scotch off-roading.